Agneta Josephson

agnetaAgneta Josephson is an inspirational drama pedagogue, expert teacher, and a writer, whose main expertise is in working with different people to develop dialogues of equality.

Her work aims to prevent abuse, harassment, and discrimination, and to create creative space for communal participation.

Although Agneta works mainly in Sweden in universities, hospitals, schools, health centers, and nonprofit organizations, her vast experience has taken her throughout Europe and abroad to India.

Agneta asserts that how we move matters, how we listen matters, and how we say what we want to say is important. Through dialogue and creative approaches she encourages the development and anchoring of deep knowledge.

Most recently, Agneta Josephson has trained doctors, museum educators, supervisors, school-teachers, staff for refugee children, women’s clinic staff, psychiatric staff, medical supervisors, and radiology nurses. She has worked in the National Centre for Knowledge on Men’s Violence Against Women (NCK). She has participated in course development of models for combating poverty and social exclusion. With the Forum Theatre group Breyta she has toured several Swedish universities.

Agneta Josephson is working closely with the international Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) community.

She has given workshops in the USA during the 14th Annual International Pedagogy & Theatre of the Oppressed Conference in Nebraska (2008). She gave workshops on gender for TO practitioners from around the world during the TO festival in Austria (2010). She was one of two from Sweden at the meeting of European TO-jokers in Barcelona (2005) as well as during the meeting of Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners around the world in Rio (2009). Agneta has worked with forum Theatre since 1984.

She was the chairwoman of the Swedish TO-organization in the middle of the 1990s.

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