Lone Larsen

Lone Larsen, one of Sweden’s most distinguished conductors, is an innovative choral leader with a strong musical integrity. As a teacher of conducting she is a role model for young conductors and singers. She continues to challenge existing concert forms

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Agneta Josephson

Agneta Josephson is an inspirational drama pedagogue, expert teacher, and a writer, whose main expertise is in working with different people to develop dialogues of equality. Her work aims to prevent abuse, harassment, and discrimination, and to create creative space

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Manado State University Choir

The Manado State University Choir, from the province of North Sualwesi, a mixed-voice chamber choir of approximately twenty four singers has been acclaimed for its remarkable artistry, capacity to move an audience, and beautiful sound. The choir’s versatility is astonishing,

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Voces Nordicae

Voces Nordicae is a vocal ensemble from Stockholm consisting of 17 singers and conductor Lone Larsen. The ensemble was founded in 1999 and attracts highly experienced singers who want to find new expressions in ensemble singing. The starting point is

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