Lone Larsen

lone_larsenLone Larsen, one of Sweden’s most distinguished conductors, is an innovative choral leader with a strong musical integrity. As a teacher of conducting she is a role model for young conductors and singers.

She continues to challenge existing concert forms with the aim of creating surprise and engaging the audience. Lone Larsen invites all singers to a creative, playful platform of making music. She is highly sought-after as an inspiring leader of workshops and concert projects in different countries.

Born in Denmark 1973, Lone Larsen is a music teacher educated at the Nordjysk Academy of Music in Aalborg. 1998, she moved to Sweden where she undertook a degree in choral conducting at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. From 2005 to 2007 Lone Larsen was based in New York, where she completed additional studies at the Juilliard School of Music.

In 1999, Lone Larsen founded the vocal ensemble Voces Nordicae, a prize winning vocal ensemble from Stockholm consisting of 17 singers. The ensemble has attracted highly experienced singers who want to find new expressions in ensemble singing and to renew Swedish choral tradition.

In Norway, Lone Larsen is the artistic director of the ensemble Vokal Nord which has a focus on music influenced by joik/sami music and baroque music. She is a lecturer in conducting at a music academy in Stockholm and continues to work with many fine ensembles.

– I like the teamwork and the meeting of minds and creative spirits. I have an interest in working with expression where each singer’s individual artistic potential is utilized. I aim to involve the audience and I like to experiment and to learn new where I do not know the answers. Voces Nordicae is – through everyone’s input –a creative experimental workshop and we thrive in the creative process.


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