Manado State University Choir


The Manado State University Choir, from the province of North Sualwesi, a mixed-voice chamber choir of approximately twenty four singers has been acclaimed for its remarkable artistry, capacity to move an audience, and beautiful sound. The choir’s versatility is astonishing, performing a wide range of repertoire, from early music to contemporary pieces of the Western canon, from traditional Indonesian music with choreography to popular music, and Southeast Asian choral music.

MSUC redefines choral and traditional music by creating cross-cultural and time-sensitive bridges. Traditional songs are transformed from simple melodies into lush, complex harmonies; traditional gestures form the basis for contemporary choreography, and Indonesian music from its many islands are collaged with Arab, African, and Western classical music. MSUC re-imagines choral music as a contemporary convergence of cultures expressed in drama, dance and song.

The Manado State University Choir represents not only the country of Indonesia but in a more complex sense, new directions in choral music worldwide.

Its repertoire is culturally, religiously and linguistically diverse and its processes incorporate improvisation, experimentation, and cross-cultural juxtaposition. As an ensemble of the contemporary world, MSUC endeavors to build bridges to other cultures and communities and to participate in the creation of a peaceful, nonviolent world, in which music and cultural life can flourish for all.

Previous international tours have resulted in several prizes and awards including first prize at the international competition in Warsaw. MSUC has undertaken successful engagements in Austria, South Korea, China, Netherlands, France, Poland, Sweden, and Sri Lanka. MSUC’s debut American tour in 2012 included invitations to the Yale International Choral Festival, concerts in New York and Cincinnati in concert halls, prisons, a hospital and a homeless shelter. It also was awarded two gold medals in the World Choir Games in Cincinnati. MSUC is one of the invited choirs for the 2014 World Choral Symposium in Korea.

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