Yale 2015

All participating choirs from the 2012 YICF

All participating choirs from the 2012 YICF

Conducting 21C - C21C - Yale 2015

The first C21C course to be offered outside of Sweden will take place on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, June 16-21, 2015. Application open until 16 March.

A renowned global university, Yale has also been an important institution in the development of choral music since the mid 19th century. New Haven is located 80 miles north of New York City, and is easily accessible from New York City by train.

Conducting 21C - C21CC21C at Yale will take place within the second Yale International Choral Festival, which brings choirs from all over the world to Yale’s campus for five days of concerts and workshops.

The first day of the course and of the festival will consist of a symposium, Choirs Transforming Lives, which will feature choral leaders from throughout the US and the world.

In addition to working with course leaders André de Quadros, Jeffrey Douma, and Lone Larsen, and with theater specialist Judy Braha, C21C participants will have the opportunity to work with two outstanding professional choirs, Voces Nordicae and the Yale Choral Artists, as well as an assembled group of committed amateur singers, the C21C choir.
The language of instruction is English.

Participants are responsible for the cost of their own travel and accommodation, and are free to make their own arrangements. For those who wish to stay at Yale, on campus housing and a full meal plan is available at a cost of $96.40/day.
Registration information will be made available upon acceptance into the course.

C21C Yale 2015 participating conductors:

Jason Thoms, USA

Joy Hirokawa, USA

Benjamin Hartmann, Germany

Christine Gaudreau, USA

Elkin Franco, Colombia

Jessica Pierpoint, USA

David Mennicke, USA

Matthew Abernathy, USA


Application closed.

Workshop leaders

Conducting 21C - C21CAndré de Quadros (artistic director)

Through conducting, teaching, writing, and activism, André de Quadros continues to explore, create projects, build artistic work, and construct partnerships, firmly rooted in an experimental artistic paradigm and social justice values.

Conducting 21C - C21C - Jeffrey DoumaJeffrey Douma

Since the fall of 2003, Jeffrey Douma has served as Director of the Yale Glee Club, recently hailed by The New York Times as ”one of the best collegiate singing ensembles, and one of the most adventurous.”
Yale Glee Club

Conducting 21C - C21C - LoneLone Larsen

Lone Larsen, one of Sweden’s most distinguished conductors, is an innovative choral leader with a strong musical integrity. As a teacher of conducting she is a role model for young conductors and singers.

Conducting 21C - C21C - JudyJudy Braha

Judy Braha has been a director, teacher, actor and arts advocate in New England for over three decades.


Voces Nordicae

Yale Coral Artists